Durga, a message of blessings for Hindu people

Muhammad Anisur Rahman Akanda: Every year, Maa Dorga comes to bless human beings from heaven by different wings or symbols. Thousands of Hindu religious men, women, youths, boys, girls and children are found to visit the reflections of the gods and goddess in water every day morning till midnight during the Dorga puja, said local religious sources, adding that they offer prayers, puja, kirtons and other religious rituals. Apart from these, different flowers, gifts and presents are also offered over the temples and mandaps by the name of Maa Dorga and seeking blessings for their wellbeing. Temple is an open hall or temporary shed erected on festive occasions, said Hindu community sources. The original meanings of the Puja are service, devotion, honour, respect, reverence, veneration, homage to superiors, and devotion to the gods. A five day long Durga Puja, the greatest religious festival for the Hindu community will be celebrated in the district in a befitting manner, especially with the sacrifice of puja mandaps and due religious enthusiasm since September 26, 2017, said sources, adding that Durga Puja is a series of celebrations (Moha Ostomi, Nobomi, Dosomi) which will be observed across the district one after another.

The Hindu communities have properly set up a total of 150 Durga puja mandaps in five upazilas of Sherpur district this year. Of them, 78 mandaps in Sherpur Sadar, 35 mandaps in Nalitabari, 15 mandaps in Nakla, 14 mandaps in Shreebordy and 8 mandaps in Jhinaigati Upazilas are getting prepared, said District Puja Celebration Committee President Devasis Bottacharjow, adding that the number of Puja mandaps is increasing year by year. A total of 150 mandaps have been installed across the district this year, while 143 mandaps installed in 2016 and 131 puja mandaps in 2015.

Goyalpotti, Kalir Bazar, Noyani Bazar, Tinani Bazar, Bottola, Monsi Bazar, Terabazar, Chokbazar and Rogonath Bazar are popularly known as the Hindu community areas in the district. The puja mandaps are being made of papers, foam, gum, jute gunnies and many other things. Every puja mandap is being decorated with the entry gates and electric lights. The glimmering of light at night, drumming sound raised by Hindu women with the moving of tongue and other exclamatory sounds has made district town, a city of festivals. The most attractive mandaps in the district are ‘Potima Idol’ built at the Goyalpotti area and its floating reflection is seen in the pond water of Goyalpotti. Idol makers (Paul) groups are now busy making idols for about 150 mandaps of making, dressing and decorating the Idols in scheduled time. A day long fair and cultural functions will also be held nearby the main puja mandaps.

District Administration and Puja celebration committee have jointly taken separate steps including special security, enough power supply, water supply, traffic control managements for the celebration of the Durga Puja. In this connection, a preparatory meeting was also held at the Deputy Commissioner’s conference Room. Additional RAB, police, Ansar and volunteers have been deployed to control any unwanted incidents during the Puja festival in the district. Apart from this, District Deputy Commissioner has advised every upazila magistrate to lead a mobile monitoring team regularly. Members of the parliament, officials, politicians, leaders of socio-cultural organizations visit the attractive Puja mandaps by extending necessary cooperation.

Muhammad Anisur Rahman Akanda

PhD candidate, Shanghai University, China
Lecturer, Department of English, Haji Jalmamud College, Nakla, Sherpur
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